WANTED! performers/dancers

Theatre/dance makers Lisah Baert&Tegest Pecht Guido are creating the short dancing movie: ‘HERE&NOW’ in Rotterdam. An energetic, urban, sexy and poetic movie about the awkwardness of 1,5 meter distance, the urge to create commotion and the need to release tension by dancing. 

We will create material in the studio and shoot at different outdoor locations in the city. We will work in a pressure cooker for a few days in June. Intensively, personal and with a lot of humour. We will cover travel expenses, good lunch/dinner on working days and tickets for the premiere night. There is no financial compensation available. 

The music will be created by Blitskikker, a sinister disco duo who combine dark beats with triphop and spoken word. 


workshop: Saturday 22 of May- 13.30-17.00 in Rotterdam

We organise an open workshop day for you to get to know us, to see if you feel inspired by our working method and idea and for us to see who we can match together as a great, diverse team for the film. This will be an inspiring training day open to join!
APPLY: Send a short email to lisahbaert@hotmail.com. Containing, who you are, what your background is and why you want to join.

Rehearsal/shooting days will be spread in June

To join, you need to be available at least on 3 of these dates: 1, 2, 3, 9, 15, 16, 17, 22, 29 june


We are looking for authentic performers with physical awareness. Background/experience can be in urban/modern dance, physical theater or circus. 

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